"Vernon Finney Art" is out of service, for eternity.
On January 19, 2024 Vernon was put on morphine, on his final days of life.
Master Vern Passes Peacefully
On January 25, 2024, Vernon peaceully passed away at Desert Regional Medical Center, in Palm Springs, California.
Vernon passed away surrounded by the people he loved most, his friends, as well as caring medical staff.
Vernon's friends always made it out to see him, he was never left alone. One in particular, James Rhodes was a true lover of Vernon.
He adored Vernon to bits, and the same in turn can be said on Vernon's behalf for James.
Oddly enough, James Rhodes passed away on February 25, 2024, one month after Vernon, under unexplicable circumstances.
To note, another one of Vernon's long-time friends had to go through sheer perilousness in order to get to Vernon's final bedside.
Tellingly, that friendship was concrete to the end, seeing as he showed up to almost EVERY SINGLE ZOOM session Vernon had over the course of his last 3-4 years of life.
That friend lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and drove his old rickety vehicle to Palm Springs, California, risking his own life.
DoctorLouie knew Arno Baule meant the world to Vernon, so he worked to fix the vehicle in making it safer on the road for the former.
Vernon had over 300 zoom 40-minute sessions throughout the last few years of his life, half of them in the last year alone.
Vernon's friends always had his back and loved him. For, they knew Vernon always had ther backs and truly loved them as well.
Rest in peace, Vernon Eugene Finney!
Vernon Eugene Finney
May 10, 1924 - January 25, 2024
See you in the next life, Vernon, my friend. Until then, you'll be missed dearly, my dear...
DoctorLouie (Luis Gustavo Rodriguez)
As of the writing of this message, June 8, 2024:
DoctorLouie has forgiven Vernon's kinfolk, for everything they've ever done.