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About VFA

Vernon Finney's vision, along with that of Luis Rodriguez, his trusty sidekick and overall technical and creative genius all his own, is what brought to life this website and all digital properties for Vernon Finney Art. Without the clear vision and hard work by both named gentlemen, the offering of Vernon's artwork to the world might never have happened, considering today, June 10, 2018, Vernon is 94 years of age, hardly a time to start a business, however it was Mr. Finney's vision and dream to do as such, in order to expose his talent and vision, through his artwork, to the world. And, as luck should have it, as well as the good energies being cast into the Universe by both named gentlemen, the vision and dream would become a reality, hard work and all.

Vernon Finney Art® was launched in 2018, as an online shop for Vernon Finney Fine Art and only Vernon Finney Art. We sell only Gallery Wrap Giclée at Vernon Finney Art, in essence, high resolution and quality prints, of my work, online. However, if you're seriously interested in owning my entire collection of original paintings, those I have left at least, which is 100 of the 500 original paintings I did in my life. And I do mean truly serious, then, by all means, get in touch with me with an offer for as much.