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This painting came from a vision I had, a dream of sorts. A dream that starts in the dark, and there's a point of bright light in the distance. The light gets closer and closer, and finally, when it gets close enough, it seems to split into two. Like, drops of water. As it continues to get closer, I can see there is a woman and a man. Whom eventually become full adult humans, land on the floor and walk away. I chose this frame of the dream to paint, since it was quite fluid and colorful, expressive.

I call it...

The Creation of Adam and Eve

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Sketches of Creation

Back in 1954, Vernon had an idea for a painting in which he would reimagine the "Creation of Adam and Eve" with a bit of a twist of nature and physics intertwined. He drew up a few sketches, one would imagine, before coming to create his first study for the painting. The first and second studies were done using Gouache on posterboard. The second study was completed in 1958, building upon the original idea laid forth in the first study.

To some folk, including Luis Rodriguez, Vernon Finney Art's Master Curator, the second study (1958) is the best rendition of the idea. Why? Some of the finer detail of the figures was removed, such as the hair, to make for a concept like others in Vernon lineage, that being hairless nude figures.

Both 1954 amd 1958 studies have been through at least one flood each, hence the shape in which we see the rough shape in which we see the 1958 study being today.

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Creation of Adam and Eve

Creation of Adam and Eve

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