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This is my, Creator. It’s a biblical story, I thought it was very interesting. So, I divided up our world in to air, water and earth, and its different dimensions and its different characteristics. And then I put what lives on, or in it or above it. Like, here’s the sky, and there’s the sun, there’s peaceful clouds, there’s storm clouds and there’s a little light shining, down here, unto the water. You get back up into here, here’s all the birds, and he’s looking at his creation. I put one bird into the sky to tie it together. Here’s the Earth and all the things that grow on it, green, here’s the Earth, barren, with its different characteristics, and then the things that live on it. Here are all the people, I started off with five major races, and as they progressed they all began to become one. And the animals, this I thought would be the hardest, but it was no different than the other things, I had a pretty good memory about things. Down here I had a man riding a horse, to show integration. And down here is my little puppy, she was named Honey.
Then we go over here to the water. There’s the sea, there’s the waterfalls, there’s a river that runs alongside of it and is partly frozen and partly with snow, and the surf, and the fish that live in it. People want to know why I didn’t put the whales in, but the whales would not match the composition. And that’s about it. Its 6‘8” across, so it will go through a door, and its 7’4” high, all in oil, on canvas. I like to paint big, but I can’t do it all the time, I have to paint small, otherwise they would never get done.

The Creator

The Creator

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