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In 1986 I got the idea of Darwin's theory on Evolution, to combine it into one figure, so I painted "Darwin's Man". So, I saw it as gelatin, then goes into scales, then into fir then into skin, and then he's reaching for the next step in Evolution.
Question: What's that in the background, DNA?
Answer: The background could be DNA, or whatever the Universe was made of at the time.
Not much else to say really, oh, its 20 x 30 inches. Its oil on canvas, like most my paintings are.

Sketches: Darwinism

The theory of evolution has never been imagined quite like Vernon's been able to picture it, in his painting he titled "Darwin's Man". Originally, as you can tell from his 1978 sketch shown below, he named it "Darwin's Theory", however, it would seem, after some time contemplating and rethinking this theme and idea, he found the right name.

Sure, seeing how a figure come to life is amazingly cool, especially when dealing with intricate works the likes of Vernon's masterpieces. However, naming can also give us clues as to how Vernon came to think these ideas through to completion of artwork, by way of sketches, dates and written information, such as titles and ideas.

Now, if you take a glance at the sketch done on February 16, 1980, there's a sketch for another painting, one he did for his brother Curt, that being "Delta Dawn". Curt was also a veteran of the US Navy, like the rest of the Finney brothers. One of Vernon's brothers still lives in good ol' Oklahoma, the state Vernon was born, he also is in his late 90s, lives alone and does many amazing things for himself, even at his late age, including driving himself around.


Darwin's Man

Darwin's Man

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