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After watching a TV show, about the Universe, and they concentrated more on the Sun and the Moon. So, I got the idea that, well, they’re in sort of a celestial dance, in their own right, just like we are circling the Sun and the Moon circling us. I personalized them, this way I made the Moon the woman and the Sun the man, and they’re doing their dance together. It’s oil on canvas, it’s 40 x 30, and I finished it in 2006.

About "Limited Edition" Prints
Not like all other prints, which are stretched and shipped out of our San Diego fulfillment center, "Limited Edition" prints are not stretched, instead, they are shipped to you secured (flat) on foam board, or "rolled up" in a shipping tube, ready for you to have mounted, framed or stretched to your liking. The limited edition prints are extra special considering each is hand-signed by Vernon Finney.

Dance of the Moon and Sun

Dance of the Moon and Sun

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