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In 1994 I grabbed a 24 x 30 canvas, and I painted with oils this Valentine's Day gift. I was washing dishes when I got this idea, so I... started painting it. There are faces in the clouds, like little children, they're reflected on the lower, everything makes hearts. Everyone exclaims about the grass, but actually the grass was probably the easiest to paint. The title of this is the Cupid's Cove, and it was a Valentine's gift I thought up.

Sketched Love

Back in 1994, Vernon had an idea for a painting. A Valentine's themed piece that would see clouds with hidden features, reflections, hearts, grass and blue sky into one beautiful composition.

The sketch for it is dated as September 5, 1994, whereas the painting itself was finished on the 20th of October of the same year. Sometimes he works through an idea quick, sometimes even quicker, however, at times it may take decades to complete as was the case with "Adam Arise".

Other paintings that were completed in 1994 include, but may not be limited to, "Big Black Boulder Mountain" a small little painting he still has the original for. Another painting he completed was "The Twins", which is also available as a print on our website. And ten (10) illustrations for a Children's Storybook, we will link that here for everyone to see, in time.

Related Photos and Media

The first photograph was taken back in 2018, in Rancho Mirage, California, the artwork looks the same today, sitting on the wall next to our master curator as he is writing this description. It really is a nice painting, for those who take the time to admire its detail as well as its hidden treasures.

The second one was taken on June 24, 2023, in our Master Curator's office, also in California. This office space has plenty to look at, including these six original paintings shown in the photo. In fact, this office currently has fifteen (15) original Vernon Finney works on its walls. And, even more stashed away in its closet space.


Cupid's Cove

Cupid's Cove

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