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The premise behind this painting encompasses the feelings behind being a child, with all the promise and wonderment of the future which the child holds in his hand. Whereas, the days and age gone past are signified by the toys the child's no longer playing with, as they are strewen about the floor and stowed away under the bed. A philosophical and contemplative piece of sorts, for we as Humans never really seem to grow out of the phase of child-like wonderment nor the delight that's borne from new discoveries.

About "Limited Edition" Prints
Not like all other prints, which are stretched and shipped out of our San Diego, California, USA fulfillment center. "Limited Edition" prints are not stretched, instead, they are shipped to you, mounted on a matted frame, ready to hang. Moreover, our "Limited Edition" prints have an extra special touch, considering they all feature Vernon Finney's signature. Each is hand titled and numbered, while being limited to 100 prints for each of the featured artworks.

Sketches, Sketches and More Sketches

Vernon tells us, sometimes he doesn't just quickly draw up an idea and set it aside. He indeed goes through and creates a detailed sketch of an entire idea and sometimes the final painting itself, only to come back and revisit it many years later, sometimes decades later, with new quick sketches of the main subject(s) and finally goes on to paint the artwork. Taking a look at the dates of the sketches for this art piece, we'll notice Vernon first had the idea for the painting way back in 1969. Then, he revisited it in 1974 with a few conceptual iterations to the main subject, the figure, before he finally started and indeed completed the painting in 1974.

Another in-depth look into the mind and mastery of art that is Vernon Eugene Finney, World War 2 Veteran of the US Navy. Who, at 99 years of age in 2023, is doing what the artwork is depicting: Dreaming past old toys and past sources of excitement, seeking out new avenues of enlightment and wanderlust.

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Either Vernon, or one of his many friends, was holding "7 Years Old" when this photograph was taken of the painting. Thank goodness Vernon had the wherewithal to think ahead by photographically cataloging some of his artwork over the years.

7 Years Old

7 Years Old

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