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A few friends volunteered to pose for me to create this painting. Two ladies and two guys posed after I asked them a question. I told my volunteers: "If you were a tree, and I was me, and I touched your leaves and said, 'My you are the most beautiful tree I have ever seen'." Then I asked them, "How would you react?" They posed, I sketched them.

About "Limited Edition" Prints
Not like all other prints, which are stretched and shipped out of our San Diego, California, USA fulfillment center. "Limited Edition" prints are not stretched, instead, they are shipped to you, mounted on a matted frame, ready to hang. Moreover, our "Limited Edition" prints have an extra special touch, considering they all feature Vernon Finney's signature. Each is hand titled and numbered, while being limited to 100 prints for each of the featured artworks.

Sketches: Caretaker, Caretaking and Caregiver

Vernon's original painting titled "Caretaker" seems to have been conceived in our around 1970, as we can see from one of the original sketches depicting the 'vision', as Vernon calls them, he originally had for this artwork.

Now, here's a fun twist to this all. Vernon's impromptu caretaker is indeed his closest confidant and his business partner for everything Vernon Finney Art. Most impressive, is the fact Vernon's Caregiver, who happens to be the de-facto curator of all Vernon Finney Art works, was born on the same year Vernon's "Caregiver" painting was completed. Talk about foresight, decades in the making, four decades!



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