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This little painting is called 'The Secret Box', I think I did it in 1985. I did it for a poster, appealing to a little boy, so I made it like he opened up a box, not unlike Pandora's box, but with a whole different outlook. This is sort of a history lesson, going from the caveman days, into the Renaissance, into the Roman eras, into the present day and into the future. Its just, what a little boy might like.
I... don't really know how the ideas get into my head, they just... are there. I think I've had so much experience that I have a little encyclopedia inside my head, of art objects. I tried to make it very colorful, a little dramatic, intermingling ideas and illustrations, so kind of makes a kid think a little bit.
This illustration is 18 by 28 inches, its an acrylic on illustration board and it was completed in 1985.

Secret Box

Secret Box

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