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This painting started as a small light in a dark background, and as it grew larger and larger there appeared motion going into it. Finally, it became so close that I could see they were figures, then it became so close that I felt like I was being drawn into it. It’s just kind of a vision that floated into my mind, it only lasted for a few seconds, but it was very strong. I call it ‘Into Eternity’, a place where we will all wind up one day. So, I did a basic sketch and everything else was spontaneous. Now, the painting is 36 x 41, I did it in 1992. 
People keep asking me, sometimes, why I paint hairless nudes. The reason is because you can never put them into any time slot, so they become rather symbolic more than sensual. And when you get right close to it, there are so many tiny figures flowing into it, it creates a sense of movement and depth.

Into Eternity

Into Eternity

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