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Well, this just sort of floated into my mind, and I thought, 'well that's a good idea', so I did the two floating characters who had just put themselves into their trail of memories. I tried to include as many emotions as possible, and like memories, none of them are complete, or very few of them are very vivid. So, there are partials, some are so insignificant that we hardly remember them at all, some are very important to us so we remember them a little bit better.
I think I have an infinite number of expressions in the way I tried to do that, because that's the way our memories are, they're sort of a kaleidoscope of fragments. People are sometimes impressed by the number of people that I put in my paintings. Two guys decided they were going to count them and they got up to 5,000 and lost count and decided not to start over again. This is oil on canvas, I finished in about 1979, and its about 50 by 70 inches. I forget how many brushes I used, a lot, not as much paint as brushes, that was surprising.



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