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Way back in 1975, I painted this. Its 46 x 43 inches. Its about life, we kind of walk a tightrope through life, if we fall off its a long way down, if we stay on it we can see all the beauty in the clouds. There are two horses, here, in the other corner there are two elephants, there are bears and faces and what have you all through the thing. There's also a portrait of my puppy, sitting on a pillow, and some ladies with some weird hats.
Like all clouds, you can make things out of it, and so its kind of a fun picture, along with being philosophical. Its the idea, more than words. The whole premise of this was walking a tightrope in life, but add a little beauty to it also.

Tightrope Walker

Tightrope Walker

  • $300.00

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