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Back in 1974 I was very heavy into meditation, until it became natural. So I got a strange idea, kind of slipped into my head, and I got a 4 x 6 (foot) piece of canvas, stretched it, got my oils out and started painting. I used one model for the figure, everything else just floated out of my head. At the bottom there’s a lot of people flowing into the body, sort of like meditation, you take in the world and then you get acquainted with it and then you suddenly understand it. So, these people up here are the understanding that this person has had, full of color, peace, quiet, joy. 
I don’t know why I use the colors, they’re just beautiful. When I paint its very subjective, when I sit down, mix my paints, and, I apply, somehow my mind takes over my hand I just go with it.



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