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This painting, is called ‘Walk Into the Storm’. I remember walking in the warm rain, in the summer And when we were in Hawaii, the warm rains there, they were more welcome than to shy away from. I think everyone has been in weather, when they really felt part of it, that they were part of the Universe. So, that’s what I try to convey in this. It’s about 20 x 30 inches, is oil on canvas and I did it in 1993. 

The little guy walking into the storm is shielded by all the people of the Universe from the bad parts of the rain. There’s six people whom have created an umbrella over him. But, who are they and what are they doing? I think I don’t understand that part, I just felt it...

I guess, it’s your mindset, maybe? If you’re in the right mind you can accept it and become part of it, otherwise you sort of resent it. But if you’re joyful with nature, it creates a whole different feeling, you feel safer.


Walk Into the Storm

Walk Into the Storm

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